Student-Athlete of the Year Award

Each year the Department of Athletics names a male and female athlete of the year.

The Male Student-Athlete of the Year

The male student-athlete of the year award is named after Larry E. Spaulding, a young man who lost his life in the Vietnam War in 1969. He was skillful athlete, a loyal and dedicated competitor and to quote his coach, “a thoroughly nice likeable fellow.”

Past Winners

2014 Scott Witmyer    
2013 Terrence Johnson

Scott Merrill
1989 Brian Henderson
2011 Blake McCurdy 1988 Cameron Pendleton
2009 Gabe Adams 1987 Wade Heinrichs
2008 Duncan Herder 1986 Glenn Gurney 
2007  Justin Bowyer 1985 Garth Wyncoll
2006 Gregory David 1984 Keith Henderson
2004 Nathan McQueen 1983 Rick Smith
2003 Alan Cowley 1982 Robert Simons
2002 Will Cowley 1981 Conrad Zecher
2001 Brian Bowyer 1980 Tim Stein
2000 Matthew Mayer 1979 David Hotson
1999 Brett C. Carter 1978 David Hotson
1998 Isaac Smith 1977 Steven Hendricks
1997 Greg Henderson 1976 Brian Scott Horigan
1996 Craig Cooper 1975 Alvin Friesen
1995 Jonas Mphatse 1974 Donald S. Schnarr
1994 Greg Henderson 1973 Ronald McQueen
1993 Erik Parker 1972 Michael Pisey
1992 Clifford Mayer 1971 Robert Eidse
1990 Dale Fielder 1970 Michael D. Glenn


The Female Student-Athlete of the Year

Past Winners

2014 Kristina Clark    
2013 Cathleen Curran    
2012 Kaitlyn Brock    
2011 Cree Gurney    
2008 Shilah Rose


Katie Goodenough
2007 Laura Lindsay
1988 Kathy Boericke
2006 Jennifer Longstaff
1987 Marah Pendleton
2005 Jerre Carter
1986 Robin Asplundh
2004 Cheryl Buss
1985 Blake Genzlinger
2003 Emily Glunz
1984 Beth Anderson
2002 Bronwen Mayer
1983 Joy Asplundh
2001 Brooke DeBaise
1982 Kerry Hunsaker
2000 Sonya Carter
1981 Dorothy Jewell
1999 Whin Brown
1980 Kristin Gurney
1998 Shannon Eidse

1997 Miranda Schnarr

1996 Jenny Pokorny

1995 Stephani Kuhl

1994 Sarah Cooper

1993 Jenny Pokorny

1992 Amy Buick

1991 Lauren Rogers

1990 Sharon Boericke

Most Valuable Player
 – “Most valuable player: the man or woman judged to be the outstanding player in a sport during a particular season.”

Lion’s Award – “This award recognizes individuals on their team who promote the values of sportsmanship, ethical play in competition, commitment to their team, and charity through service to their community.”

Coaches Award – “Given annually by the coach to their athlete who best demonstrates, throughout the season, the true spirit of Lion’s Athletics. It is an award in which the means justify the end. It is given not only for hard work and personal improvement, but for a willingness to understand, to learn, to enter into a partnership with coach and teammates in an effort to recognize one's full potential. The recipient of this award has participated in the struggle, each and every day, and in the end found over his own limitations.”