Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


The Bryn Athyn College Athletic Department Student-Athlete Advisory Committee looks forward to serving the student-athlete population as best as they can. The S.A.A.C. supports the athletic department through various avenues.

Mission of SAAC

The mission of the BAC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare, acting as a liaison between student- athletes and administration, and fostering a positive student-athlete image.

Purpose of Bryn Athyn SAAC

  • To generate a student-athlete voice within the institution.
  • To organize community service efforts.
  • To create a vehicle for student-athlete representation on campus.
  • Assist with Charter and Alumni events on campus.
  • Help coordinate Open House and prospective student athlete visits on campus.

If you would like more information on the Bryn Athyn College SAAC please contact:


Abraham Joseph

Sports Information Director

(267) 502-6083




Athletic Staff CHOP The U

The Most Random Team Ever

The Sunshines
 Djbouti Ballers

Matt Kennedy

Abe Joseph

Spring Silverman

Adina Petersmeyer

Justin Petersmeyer

Robin Cooper

Justin Baxter

Kayla Felty

Jesse King

Holly Adams

Blake McCurdy

Dustin Synnestvedt

Kara Cowley

Katrina Hughes

Brent McCurdy

Dan Cook

Nick Tate

Greg Synnestvedt

Johnny Walker

Alec Horan

Scott Merrill

Joe Cranney

Nick Renz

Dom Renz

Alex Peterman

Mike Cranney

Eric Wilson

Chris Kinsch

Bobby Mcinerney

Tyler Foerst

Emily Ball

Alissia Hauteville 

Micah Alden 

Amara Bedford

Laird Dibb

Beth Earle

Annalisa Alden

Graham Lermitte

Duncan Asplundh

Brooke Blair 

Alexis Leonard 

Cree Gurney 

Matt Bartalini 

Danny Triesler 

Travis Hill 

Leah Fisher

Beth Tough

Ray Norfo

Jenna Wyncoll

Eden Zecher

Kevin Roth 

Ali Elsing 

Kyle Watters 

Caitlin Smith 

Ethan Cooper 

Ben Useche 

Ik Jin Yu 

Jose Sandino


Tournament Schedule:


         Field 1  Field 2  Field 3 
Round 1- 1:00pm The Most Random Team Ever @ Chop 

The U @ Djbouti Ballers

The Sunshines @ Athletic Staff

Round 2- 1:45pm

Djbouti Ballers @ The Sunshines
The U @ CHOP Athletic Staff @ The Most Random Team Ever
Round 3- 2:30pm 

The Most Random Team Ever @ The U

Chop @ The Sunshines
Athletic Staff @ Djbouti Ballers
Round 4- 3:15pm

Djbouti Ballers @ The Most Random Team Ever

The Sunshines @The U Chop @ Athletic Staff
Round 5- 4:00pm

The Most Random Team Ever vs. The Sunshines

Djbouti Ballers vs. CHOP The U vs. Athletic Staff

Semi Finals- 4:45pm

4 @ 1 3 @ 2  

Championship Game- 5:30



Tournament Rules:


  • 30 minute games/ 5 innings, whichever comes first
  • 9 players in the field at all times
  • No starting a new inning with less than 5 minutes left (or teams can choose to start a new inning and play through their break)
  • If a fielding player hits the runner with the ball below the neck, and without a bounce, it is considered an out
  • Runners must tag up if the ball is caught in the air
  • Runners can leave the base when the ball is crossing the plate
  • No bunting
  • Ball must be rolling before it crosses the plate
  • During Round 5, a coin will be flipped to determine which team has home field advantage