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Service and Athletics

Being a student athlete at Bryn Athyn College is about more than just winning. At Bryn Athyn, we believe in teamwork and sportsmanship as well as athletic excellence.

At Bryn Athyn, we believe that how our athletes compose themselves after the game ends is just as important as how they present themselves on the field. That’s why we’ve made service an integral element of our athletic program.

Whether you join our ice hockey team and find yourself packaging meals for hungry people around the world, or you become a member of our volleyball team and take a handful of children with disabilities to the zoo, as a Bryn Athyn athlete, you’ll be challenged to think outside of yourself.

Excelling as a member of a team takes cooperation, leadership, and conscience. Those skills are easily transferrable from the field, to the classroom, to the local YMCA.

Challenge yourself. Join our team and make a difference.